Christmas Breakfast


No recipes here kids, just beautiful pictures of what I ate on Christmas. A delightful change I might add to the last 20 some years of my life.


My mom has always made what she has dubbed ‘Christmas Breakfast’, for obvious reasons. It’s essentially, a toasted western/savoury bread pudding/sprinkled with corn flakes on top. I guess it’s not terrible, but paired with someones pillsbury cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, sometimes bacon, it can be a bit overwhelming. Not to mention the expectation to eat a gigantic turkey dinner hours later. It’s novelty is lost on me. Sorry Mom.


So  I my family decided to change things up a bit. They couldn’t get enough of the rosti potatoes a few weeks ago and smoked salmon always evokes the holidays for me. So we took a nod to our Jewish friends (we may have had pork sausages too….) and had a delightfully light Christmas breakfast.



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